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September 2020 Update

My life had some significant changes in August which caused me to miss my monthly update.  You will also notice the updates to the site are slower as well.  However, there are some positive changes coming in September that should see some new posts made this month.

First, there was a recent major update to Pathfinder: Kingmaker which adds turn-based mode.  Previously, this was a feature only available through a very well-written mod.  Now it has been integrated into the core game and, if you play the tabletop version like me, it is faithful to the 1e rules.  In fact, it is so well done I’ve recommended my junior D&D groups use it to get familiar with how game mechanics work.

Unfortunately, the changes completely invalidated all my old saves so I have to start from scratch.  I’m not complaining yet, but since my purchase I’ve noticed there are strings of updates that occur almost as if this was an MMO (FYI it’s not, it’s single player).  This makes any mods I made challenging to post because there is no guarantee that it will work.  Moreover, I am making my builds using UMM and I don’t want to be forced to post updates every release for others to use.  Instead, go ahead and reply to any of my Pathfinder posts and I can make updates that way.

Second, my personal favorite news of the month is EDCE’s announcement of an upcoming patch!  This was the most exciting news of the month and is the reason I ultimately wanted to post this update.  I’ve started dusting off some of my old udb’s that I put on hold a while ago due to some issues I encountered.  I also took my first stab at creating a new HD graphics set, so some updates will be coming soon.

This announcement also reminds me that the Empire Deluxe Tournament crew has been busy.  We are re-aligning the tournament documentation and I still owe a post about the Battle of the Dust Isles, which finished up in mid-august.  Hopefully I will find time to post some of this.  Either way, we will be making a decision if we stick to Empire Deluxe or move to EDCE for this year’s grand finale in December.

That’s all I have for you today.  Happy September.

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