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Modern Units Database 0.0.7a Uploaded

I’ve uploaded Version 0.0.7a of the Modern Units Database to EDIBLE.  You can download it using the button at the bottom of this post. This change builds on the previous release and is mostly focused on making some back-end changes to test how they function.  The most visible change that players will see is the patrol ranges for air units which have been re-scaled.

This update sets up for a pending large change that I will start working on in July.  I plan to re-work the way space units, missiles, and air units work as this is the biggest pain point for me right now.  I also plan to focus on updating the AI to handle units in a more unique way so players can tailor their game play to their preferred style.



  • Added new small arms sounds for some Infantry units.
  • Recon Vehicle (unit that goes by this name) is now amphibious.
  • CIWS can now perform anti-missile role.  This is a temporary adjustment until there is a dedicated CRAM variant.
  • Fighter CAP ranges are reduced and may change again in the future.
  • UAV’s have increased firing range based on newly available performance data.
  • Troop Transports and Attack Transports can be refitted in docks or with the help of support ships.
  • Removed Engineering capability from Cluster Munitions to re-work the system to work properly.
  • Added geographic scanning to Low Earth and High Earth Orbit Satellites. 

Cosmetic Changes:

  • Anti-Ship and Anti-Air missiles now have a range fire component.  This has no impact in-game at the moment.
  • Updated Thermobaric Missile description as it was misleading.
  • Updated Cluster Munitions description to remove the note about dropping mines since the game currently disallows this.

AI Changes:

  • Made some quality-of-life improvements to AI handling of build queues.  This is still a problem in general.
  • Made some changes to AI’s handling for defense of cities.

Known Issues:

  • AI handling of missiles is still very poor.  I guess it depends on your play style if you want to abuse this or not.  Just be advised it’s easy to exploit and I’m already aware of it.
  • There are still some issues where the GUI suggests ranged attacks against invalid targets.  I am aware of it but will require some significant effort to resolve it.
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