April 2021 Update

I have been anticipating April for some time now, as it is the month when my schedule comes back on track.  I’m excited to say I have some updates already in the hopper and will be posting them soon.  I also made some progress on site improvements and have an update on the quarterly Empire Deluxe Qualifier match.

First and foremost, the Empire Deluxe Qualifier Match starts next week.  I plan to once again stream via the Steam App so anyone with the link is welcome to join it.  If I can get it up in time, I will also be setting up a chat channel for off-topic discussions.  More to come on that one.  This is the first moderated game that is being hosted since the 2021 Championship Tournament, so if you were thinking that you missed your invite to the March game, you didn’t (no event happened).

In other news, there is a new expansion for Twilight Imperium and I plan to play it as soon as I get time.  This isn’t likely to happen until May or June, at the earliest, so don’t expect any updates on that for at least two months or more.  However, know that it’s coming and I will be trying it.  So far, the hype around the expansion is pretty good, and the 3rd edition expansions delivered to expectations, so there is no reason to doubt the 4th edition expansion will do the same.

In terms of general updates for EDIBLE, I still have a re-design of the repository in progress.  This is going slow because I lack the availability to do it properly.  After the event in January, I’m trying not to cut corners and making sure I have proper backups for everything.  This includes the mapscripts which has remained surprisingly stable through everything.

It’s not all good news.  I had my second technical snafu of 2021.  The laptop which held three years of Pathfinder and D&D campaigning data died this week.  Fortunately, I recognized about three months back the hard disk was slowly dying and was able to backup most of my critical files.  I am sure some things slipped through the cracks, but it shouldn’t have a material impact on anything I am doing online or review-wise.  I have made a short-term transition to another game platform while I waited for the inevitable.  I will likely make a return once I have secured new hardware to run campaigns.

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