Grand Isles Stock Exchange (GISE) Added

Today, I’m happy to announce that the Grand Isles Stock Exchange (GISE) is finally available for public viewing.  You can find it on the newly added page called Tradelands.  This project has been in development for over three months and involved an incredible amount of effort from multiple people.  I want to thank the members of F&BP as well as mindyminder for her help writing the scripts that pulled the data.  I’m also happy to note that this is the first part of an eventual partnership with F&BP.  Keep an eye out as I plan to post more about the group and what they are doing over the next few weeks.

I couldn’t have done it without the help of Dai‘s trade group who collectively spent 10+ hours ever day for three months collecting market data.  Then, minder and I wrote all the machine-learning and python scripts to get it to pull clean data and determine the projections.  For reference, there are 32 scripts and 81 procedures that are used to determine all the necessary inputs, which are then run through 10 different machine-learning proceduresto produce a result.  The Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations are based on the scored outcome of these 10 procedures that project what the market will do over the next two weeks.

Moreover, the method to index all the values allows us to pull out specific items and predict on those data points.  For example, we can extract the prices for Iron out of the M&G Index and make predictions based on that specific item.  This allows the members of F&BP to make stronger decisions when trading materials in-game.  This has netted a total of 200k in doubloons earned since April 5th when the first version of this script was launched.

There is still some tweaking to come as more data is available.  The group’s ultimate goal is to provide an all-around guide to what tasks return the best investment.  While the current algorithm is close, it is not exactly matching this intended goal.  As a result, and as we develop the tools and scripts further, this is subject to change.  It’s still a good guide to anyone getting started with Tradelands, or to anyone who isn’t comfortable with the many price guides already available to players.

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