May 2020 Update

It has been a while since my last activity, but I assure you things have been happening behind the scenes.  There are some upcoming performance improvements to this site as well as a large MUD revamp in the works.  I am also pleased to say that I am in the process of converting a homegrown campaign from Pathfinder 1E to 2E.  I will be happy to share my lessons learned from that once it is finished.

The update I am most excited to talk about today is MUD.  I spent the two weeks collecting updated technical assessments and ballistics reports from various released documents from 2020.  I spent another week creating an ML script that would parse through the documents and provide 1 v 1 data in a statistical form.  I then converted that data into EDCE’s statistical model.  Last week, the first iteration of those results came in and I am now in the process of merging the data into MUD.  As of writing this, I am about a third of the way through the land units.

That was a long winded way of saying I am in the middle of a major revamp of MUD.  If my posts are minimal on this site, its because I’m working on that update instead.

Second, I have a site update pending.  Hopefully it will not lead to a repeat of January, but I have a history of these going poorly so we will see.  This post is your PSA that if the site is down, just wait until I bring it back up.

Finally, I mentioned that Pathfinder is back on my radar.  I am in the middle of moving from the 1E to 2E system.  This idea has been talked about in a couple of my gaming groups, but in all cases it seems to be more work than it’s worth.  I am going to test this theory and see how it goes.  To give you a quick spoiler, it may be easier than you think as long as you aren’t using heavily 3rd party sources in your campaign.

That’s all I have for today.  Stay tuned as I start making progress through some of these items.  Unfortunately, I chose to focus on time consuming updates, so it may be some time before there is any tangible output.

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