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December 2021 Update

With December finally upon us, it is once again time to discuss the traditional End of Year tournament.  The map which will likely be our battlefield for 2021 has been posted (albeit later than usual) and is open to play testing.  Like last year, this will be a moderated tournament and Steam Link will be used to stream the game from the Datacenter floor.  Unlike last year’s fully remote attendance, this one is expected to be in person.

In November, the participating EDTC members met to discuss the end of year and the future of the group.  Unfortunately, COVID has hit this team pretty hard.  This is expected to be one of the lowest turnouts of the team in over 10 years due to workplace changes, personal conflicts, and family emergencies.  Still, we were able to muster enough players to move forward with a final event.  The group also opted for no major rule changes this year since all of us have played at least a handful of EDCE games and changes were already made at the end of last year’s championship game.  Moreover, all of us played at least one qualifier game this season with no complaints.

The rules are posted to this site in case the participants want to review them.  However, the moderator is ultimately responsible for scoring and as a result is the only person who needs to know the rules thoroughly.  This year, that honor will fall to Keiren, the 2020 tournament champion.  That means two things.  First, Keiren’s willingness to opt out of the tournament allowed us to have a game this year despite low turnout.  Second, it means there will definitely be a new champion crowned at the end of this year’s finale.

For anyone who has access to the discord and wishes to watch while we are streaming, it should prove entertaining.  Otherwise, keep an eye on the website when the results are posted each week.  If you would like to play alongside us with your own group, the map being used is posted on EDIBLE, and will be moved to the in-game map library prior to the start of the tournament, usually the day before Game One.

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