Tradelands Price Guide Posted

After a week of coding and inspecting results, the first edition of the Price Guide is ready.  You can view it by going to the Tradelands page on this website or using the direct link.  The price guide is an extract of the GISE index which is posted on Discord every week.

There will be some changes to how often the data is refreshed on the website.  While the AI automatically pulls and validates the prices, the act of updating them on the website still requires human intervention.  Currently, the page says that the data is refreshed every week, but this is probably not going to happen.  More realistically, the data will be updated once every couple of weeks, or once a month.  If the AI stops receiving enough input data to provide meaningful results, the updates will stop altogether.

If you are someone who relies on up-to-date prices, I recommend that you either apply for access to the Discord or seek out an invitation to the auction server.  I would not rely on other unofficial sources for the time being.

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