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Modern Units Database – Version 0.0.10 Uploaded

Testing the AI Response in a Germany vs. Europe scenario using the Random Earth Map.

Another version of the Modern Units Database has been posted to EDIBLE.  We are getting really close to having this ready for a Beta 0.1 release.  This update is focused more on housekeeping items to overcome the morphing and ranged fire limitations of EDCE rather than fixing major changes to the set itself. This one is much smaller in comparison to the last 0.0.9a update.

The change that will most likely be contentious is the decision to remove the Paramilitary ability to capture cities without dying. This significantly limits their value, as they are effectively one time use weapons. However, in a recent play test I found the ability to capture cities with almost complete 100% success rate is still good enough to warrant building them. Moreover, this makes protecting them behind front lines, rather than marauding enemy territory unassisted, an important strategy.

I’ve been asked if I will include any update values based on the military technology improvements from 2022. The short answer is yes, I intend to include all of them eventually. This will probably take happen after I get this is a beta state. I define that moment as having the set perform correctly on its intended map (REM) with multiple human opponents who cannot easily get runaway wins when used properly.

Change Log:

  • Added Special Weapons – Air.  This is a morph for Special Weapons that allows you to defensive fire against air units.  Previously all defensive fire was only against ground units.
  • Paramilitary Units no longer remain alive after city capture.  They still maintain their almost perfect capture rate.
  • Paramilitary Units can no longer cross rivers unassisted.
  • Marine Infantry can now cross swamps unassisted.
  • Commandos can morph into Marines.  This is a one-way conversion.  This allows them to effectively become airdropped Marines.
  • Light Tanks can no longer cross rivers unassisted.  They can still be converted to Amphibious Tanks.
  • New General Icon added.  This is just a placeholder for a later update.
  • Generals can now create more Generals.  This is intended to give them something to do in longer games.
  • Generals can capture cities and not die.
  • AI Insurgent icon changed to the correct one (was showing as Line Infantry)
  • Updated Line Infantry values to help the AI become more aggressive when using them.
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