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2022 Empire Deluxe Tournament Championship Results

Congratulations for Hazel for winning this year’s title of Empire Deluxe Champion.  The 2022 End of Year Tournament saw five players battle through three rounds on the world of Adomaxia which is available on EDIBLE.  Hazel consistently picked starting locations on the northern end of the map. 

While other players were fighting over the resource rich areas to the south, she was able to consolidate point leads by laying low and performing strategic strikes at key moments of weakness for other players. As is tradition, Holak retains the title obtained from her last major victory, and will be known within our group as Hazel until a new champion is declared.  Her profile on this website will be updated accordingly.

Below are the game summaries for the three games played in this tournament.  For a more detailed analysis of the game, you can visit the Empire Nation where the full write-ups are available. 

Game One

Keiren had an outstanding performance in Game One, showcasing a winning strategy that would be replicated in every game to follow.  This game saw very little action in the swamplands that separated the main continent into two parts.  This was a naval heavy game, which traditionally leads to high variations in points and a good strategy to start the tournament with a lead.

Game Two

Dalian and Itzi were neck and neck for the top performance of Game Two.  Keiren was hit hard by two players early on following his dominating victory in Game One.  Holak would be the first player to make an attempt at capturing the heartland of the continent, leading to solid performance which was only overshadowed by Dyn’s late kingmaker movements at the end of the game. 

Game Three

Holak plays a defensive game while three of our four players battle for control of the southeastern corner of the map.  While no eliminations occurred, despite the close starting locations, three major flanking movements occurred which threatened to tip the scale in favor of Itzi or Keiren.  In the end, Dyn played the best game, showing an archipelago start is a viable winning strategy.  However, Holak was successful at once again retaining a point lead and becoming the winner of the series.

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