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AI Script – Modern Units AI v0.0.3

3 AI’s on Turn 350. All three opponents used a variety of tactics to overcome the other player.

A new version of the Modern Units AI is now ready on EDIBLE.  This is a significant change from the previous version.  Instead of relying on the vanilla method, which used general ROE’s for every unit, I coded every potential combat combination into the ROE script to help the AI become aware of the capabilities and deficiencies of each unit. While not a perfect solution, it’s the best I can come up with short of re-coding the whole thing myself.  Also, this approach seems to be having a significant improvement in its ability to compete against human players.

In my limited testing, this much larger and more complex script doesn’t seem to have any adverse effects from a CPU performance point of view.  However the AI still struggles with using its aircraft properly and isn’t able to navigate terrain obstacles well, so its up to you if you want to exploit this or not.  Unfortunately, there are hard coded methods build into the script and this is just how the AI was programmed. It will take significant time for me to write one from scratch.

Lastly, this is meant to work with MUD version 0.0.10 or newer.  While it should be backward compatible, it wasn’t tested with an earlier version of the database so its performance is unknown.

Change Log:

  • Updated the AI to use its AI configured unit variants instead of the player-built version, if one is available.  This is to help the AI avoid getting confused when pathing toward objectives and should help improve game play from a human player point of view.
  • Added AI units to the list of early conquering units. Previously the AI limited itself to only capturing 3 cities at a time. Now it should fully focus on any/all objectives across a front where it has the assets available.
  • Significantly updated the Rules of Engagement.  The AI should now have an ROE for every type of engagement it will experience in-game, and know how to respond effectively in that situation. It doesn’t mean it will always make the best choice, only that it is aware of its choices. 🙂
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