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Map Script – Random Earth Map Generator

This is the Random Earth Map (REM) Generator. This will randomly generate a map of Earth using data collected from NASA, USGS, and the United Nations. Each map contains approximately 100 randomly selected cities from the World GDP report with values greater than $1Bn. It also draws supplies from the world’s strategic reserves. All locations are drawn using their official GPS locations. Manual tweaks to locations were applied where overlaps occurred.

The generator is meant to work with the Modern Units Database (MUD) available on EDIBLE but you can use the options below to adjust it to support the default unit sets as well.

To use the map generator:

  1. Verify the values below match the expectations for the map you plan to create. If you don’t select a value, the map script will set a value for you.
  2. Click the Create Map button. This may take a few moments to complete.
  3. Depending on your browser settings, you will either be prompted to download a file or be directed to a page with the code.
  4. If you are given a downloadable file, save it and then move it to your game’s map folder (Windows default location is %AppData%/../LocalLow/KBSW/EmpireDeluxe/maps). If you are not able to find your downloaded file check your firewall and anti-virus settings.
  5. If you are taken to a web page of map code, Right click and same page as a file to your game’s map folder. This may register as a HTML file but should load correctly in the game.
  6. Start Empire Deluxe, open the map editor, and verify the map loads correctly.

Configuration Settings

Use the settings below to tailor your map to your play style and unit database.

Configuration Settings
City Values:

This map will use real-world GDP values for city calculation. This requires a unit database capable of working with these values to run properly.
Map will generate city values usable by the defaul unit sets in EDCE.
Supply Values:

Resources will use default settings, approximately 10% of the Earth’s total known oil and gas reserves.
Resources will match the average annual reserve output. Number of supply locations will be significantly higher and more diverse.

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