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First Empire CE Upload

And it is a bugged file!  I have spent well over 400 hours developing a mapping tool that can create pinpoint accurate maps from satellite images.  I’m quite pleased with some of the results so far, and I’m eager to start sharing, but I encountered a significant bug during my play testing a week back.  It looks like it’s a simple error, but I will need to contact the game creator to see if my findings are accurate before I will know for sure.

In short, every tile type in Empire CE is mapped to a letter code.  Cities are mapped to a “C Tile” which for game purposes seems to be the same as an “L Tile” for combat calculations.  In fact, cities that win combat will remain without issue, it’s only when they lose and AFTER they switch owners (you can briefly see the color change before they disappear sometimes).

I don’t see any surface reason for this.  Cities create hidden roads without issue, handle construction correctly, and defend themselves according to their defense values as expected.  So before I spend another 100 hours scouring through code making the GPS locators read the tile types I want to verify what I’ve uncovered, and see if it can be modified.

Anyway, I uploaded the file for others to see the issue.  Just run a game using that map file and attack the first city you find.

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