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Falklands War Argentinian Forces – Completed

Last night, I finally completed the placement of all Argentine forces on the Falklands War map.  The research and placement of these units took about 100 hours, so I’ve decided I had to pull myself away.  I’m mostly pleased with the results so far.  There are limitations to the game mechanics which forced me to make some sacrifices.  But overall I think I did justice to the invaders.  All units are in their April 7 – 15 locations as per the military and historical records I have access to.

I learned a lot about this conflict so far.  One of the most astonishing discoveries was just how precarious the British situation really was.  Looking back at the outcome it’s hard to believe that the British Navy toyed with the thought they might experience total losses at the hands of then untested anti-ship missiles.  It turns out the missiles were just as effective as they feared.  Yet in the end, it was a series of risky decisions that caused their position to appear stronger than it was and led them to victory.

I am hoping to replicate some of that same decision making in the final result.  My decision to work the Argentine units first was definitely a good call, as I will be making the British “response” an attempt to replicate the mentality their leadership took in the real war.

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