Adallia Released for Empire Deluxe

The map of Adallia has been uploaded to the Empire Deluxe Library.  It is based on the map created by Danis Saidann al Suwadi in 2015/16 and is one of the 2016 tournament maps for Empire Deluxe.  I’ve made some minor tweaks to help with gameplay on my uploaded version.  The map featured here first appeared on a role playing website where you create and lead nation.  It features ten nations that rose from the ashes of an undisclosed cataclysm that destroyed the empire that once existed here.  In the Empire Deluxe version, you are explorers from one of four foreign nations on another continent on your way to claim this as part of your empire.

Personally, this isn’t one of my favorite maps.  Every game I played turned into an infantry and fighter slug fest.  The mountainous terrain, high efficiency cities, and cluttered points of interest made a long game a lesson in micromanagement.  Also, half of the map is water with no interesting features which led me to personally turn on map wrapping to give navies a reason to exist.  Then there is the fact that most of the locations are not in English so it can be hard to become immersed or storyboard your game if you are into that.

Still, it proved to be fairly evenly balanced due to number of units players can produce each game.  When this was a featured tournament map, good players, regardless of their starting location, demonstrated good maneuvering through terrain and tie breakers did show there are a lot of strategic elements to it.  The games were very long though.

I uploaded the tournament version in case anyone wants to relive that experience.

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