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Island of Harn Map

The Island of Harn is a rough, hazy, forested isle roughly 100 miles off the northwest coast of the continent of Lythia, on the edge of the Haonic Ocean. Compared to other regions of northwest Lythia, Harn is a wild, barbaric land, where pockets of civilization are surrounded by large tracts of wilderness.

Harn’s center is dominated by Lake Benath, a freshwater lake drained by the Thard River. The longest river is the Kald (375 miles), which drains the eastern interior. Much of Harn is hilly. There are four mountain ranges of note: the Felshas, running north-south in central Harn and boasting the island’s highest peaks; the Rayeshas, running east-west along the top of Lake Benath; the Sorkins, running north south along the east coast; and the Jahls in the far north.

The Island of Harn has been uploaded to the map collection on EDIBLE.  You can also find it through the in-game map downloads.  This map was originally designed by N. Robin Crossby in 1983 and the Empire Deluxe adaptation was created in 1998.  This was one of the original tournament maps before it was lost in the 2016 server crash.

This version of Harn has full world wrap enabled to increase naval flexibility.  Moreover, the map has been optimized to work with the Enhanced AI and play tested with up to 8 AI players for every human player.  The default map has several choke points using marshes and mountains to encourage road building without giving the AI a huge disadvantage. For human v human matches, you can increase the competitiveness by disallowing infantry to pass mountains and/or marshes.

Finally, I took some liberties on interpretation from the official published maps.  For example, in order to diversify the various desert regions, snow tiles are used to represent western arid ground.  There is also a large variance between the efficiency of cities.  Rather than leave large tracts of open terrain, the wild lands are represented as cities but with lower efficiencies in order to keep the focus of early game on collecting as many true settlements as possible.  River settlements are placed on the bank where they reside rather than on the tile itself unless it is a popular river crossing.

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