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Site Update – November 18, 2022

Several new additions have quietly made its way to the Worlds of Nations in the past month. Nearly all of them are due to a tremendous amount of work being done by our friends at the Tradelands Nation. If you aren’t aware of all these updates, here is a quick overview of what they have accomplished.

Snapshot of the ship ratings for Level 1

Ship Ratings and Stats

After ten months of data collection, the F&BP team have finally compiled a report of all the sailing, combat, and trade metrics of the ships in Tradelands. We encourage everyone to take a look at their findings, especially if you are on the fence about what ship to get when you level up. Each ships includes a picture of what it looks like in game, it’s grade/rating, and a brief write up on why the company rates the ship the way it did. Finally, it includes a recommendation to help new players determine if it is the right choice for them.

The analysis was conducted purely on the statistical data of each ship. That means no cosmetic features were evaluated as a part of the report. Each ship received a rating based on its combat characteristics, maneuverability, speed, and cargo trading capacity. Once rated, it was then evaluated based on its level, the other ships available at that level, and finally against the assumption that other players in the game will have access to all ships and therefore it needs to consider every other ship in the game a competitor. After all of this was factored in, it received a letter grade based on all the performance factors evaluated. In this way, a player who is evaluating the best choice can do a side by side comparison of the ships and make an educated choice.

Moreover, they have posted a video where they summarize the data and rank the ships in a tiered list. This video has been posted in the new Youtube Channel which was created to assist in making videos on this website viewable by the general public through a trusted domain. In case you are having trouble finding it, you can view here.

Stocks and Bonds Market

The F&BP team has been maintaining the Grand Isles Stock Exchange for two years now. Earlier this year, they made the individual item stock prices available publicly. Now, they are also revealing their Bond Market as well. Players can use this to assist in making bonds, or material loans, to players who are trying to make items with the intention of eventually paying the person back. Each item includes an interest rate and a risk rating to help players with their item pricing.

A snapshot of the Bond Market report as of November 21st, 2022.

This update reflects a renewed interest in providing transparency of the economic data in Tradelands. Recent economic developments, specifically from the Halloween Event, have shown that players are still largely in the dark when it comes to the true value of items in the game. As a result, they are providing this data as a means of creating an alternative view of the market so players are not relying on a small group of players who may be attempting to manipulate the market for personal interests.

What’s Next for F&BP?

The Tradelands Nation continued to be one of our most active communities year round, bringing thousands of new visitors every month. The group met last week and decided they would continue to expand their site after several patrons expressed interest in reading more about the game. The group enjoyed making some of the videos and has some ambitious plans on expanding their current capabilities. However, their “truth through data” approach means they will be generating the articles on the website before posting any of their findings through other means. As a result, stay close to the Tradelands News Network if you want to catch a sneak peak on their next likely topic of discussion.

Timing wise, these updates may take some time. While Tradelands is popular year round, November and December are when the Empire Deluxe Tournament Crew sees a spike in overall activity. Updates might be less frequent for the next month or two, but we expect to continue seeing the level of interest in the game increase. This is especially true now that the official wiki has been removed and this website is once again the primary source of information for new players.

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