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Basic Random Map Generator – Version 1.3 Update

I’ve updated the Random Map Generator to Version 1.3.  This update was mainly to fix the issues with names showing up with squares instead of letters with diacritics.  My choices were to inform the game developer and wait for a fix, apply a regex to modify broken letters, or just hard code a list without the diacritics.

I went with the last option.  The other options were likely to take time to get right.  It’s disappointing that I won’t be using the UNECE API, but I can just run an update later this year when the 2019 H1 list is available, or if EDCE is updated to support additional characters.

For those who are interested, the hard-coded names are the UN-LOCODE 2018-2 list.  I’m using the subdivisions only, as the full list includes over 110k entries which I’m not going to maintain locally, sorry.

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