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First Large Scale UDB Underway

As I mentioned on September 8th, I am turning my attention to making a udb.  It’s an ambitious one at that.  Rather than make a lot of posts, I’ve decided to keep my head down and see how far I can get.  I’ll reveal more about it as time goes on.

One important thing to note – I am doing my homework.  I have spent hundreds of hours of research on each unit and I intend to apply that to the set.  Here is a quick overview of the decisions I’ve made so far that will impact the outcome of this set.

  1. Tile Size is 50km.  The standard Earth map I use for my personal games has a relative tile size of 50km x 45km.  Unit distances will use this when calculating ranges and speeds.
  2. Turns are 4 Hours Long.  When calculating time frames (distance, speed, fighting ability, etc.) I am using 4 hours to represent one turn.
  3. Product is in GDP.  Production values are based on real-life costs based on nominal dollars.  Production percentages are based on nominal GDP.
  4. Everyone most fast and light.  Limits assume units always travel at their fastest speeds, and for units with ranges, their max distance when not fully loaded.
  5. Public Data Only.  I’ve opted to use publicly available figures in as many cases as possible.  Any private sources I use will not be revealed.  This lessens some unit’s capabilities/cost.

To there you have it.  More to come on this.  I plan to release an very early stage alpha version once I’ve got about 25% through the basic stats.  I want to warn you the early versions will be incredibly rough.  So don’t expect too much on round one.

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