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Future Units Graphic Set Uploaded

I put the finishing touches on the Future Units Graphic Set today.  You can download it on EDIBLE.  This set is a replacement for the default unit graphics and does not include any new units.  The graphics focus on futuristic, science fiction versions of each unit type to give a unique touch to your Empire Deluxe gaming experience. Ships that hover over the water, bombers carrying particle weapons, and large Mechs roaming the landscape are just some of the changes in this set.

This set marks a move away from posting large, all inclusive sets like MUD, or even its earlier version, and instead focuses on graphic enhancements to the default units.  However, since all of the graphics follow the same EDUT template, you can easily mix and match them to make your own unique sets since they are using the same template and drawing methods.

Some of you who helped me with the initial story boarding will recognize the ground units as the “Mech Warrior Set.”  I included all of the requested Mechs except the “Toe Stomper” which I just couldn’t figure out how to draw without it being obviously cartoonish.  I also included the “Fingerless mech” as a bonus unit, in case you would like to swap it in for one of the others.

In addition to Mechs, this set includes a handful of hover ships to replace their naval counterparts.  I used Babylon Five and the cruise ship from Fifth Element as inspiration there.  It also includes a submersible drawn to resemble Captain Nemo’s Nautilus submarine and two futuristic fighter variants based on a mix of multiple sci-fi fighters from movies.  See if you can guess which ones.  Also, as a bit of personal humor, I made the Air Transport a Zepplin to better fit its awkwardly slow speed and longer travel distance compared to Bombers.

As stated in the intro, this set is compatible with the EDUT unit sets.  My hope is to make this the first in a series of science fiction sets made with the same template, so that you can mix and match your personal favorites.  If all goes according to plan, I will move forward with smaller updates like these and shy away from the larger graphic sets like MUGS and Blue Marble unless there is some interest in something specific within the EDCE community.

Lastly, I want to give a special thanks to gryphin.rampant for this one, as he nudged me just enough to get this over the finish line. His work on his own “Monsters Mod” convinced me to re-start some of the work I put on hold following the challenges from MUD and the Falklands War.  Without him, this set would still be in story boarding phase.

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