We Are Back (Partially)

I have resolved the error that brought the website down yesterday.  I will forever be referring to this event as the Server Outage of January 25, 2021.  I am still working on repairing the damage to EDIBLE and hope to have everything fully restored by the end of the day today.  All the of the files are still be available if you have the links.  The outage is on the web front only as the storage server is still working correctly.  I also have backups of all files and can post them separately if I’m not able to bring EDIBLE back up in a timely manner.

This outage is almost 5 years to the day when I lost everything during the 2016 server crash.  That was one the most painful losses in my history of maintaining this repository.  Luckily, this outage was superficial as no files were lost or corrupted.  Still, is serves as a wake up call that some upgrades to this site are needed urgently.  I will be putting a few items on hold until I can implement some immediate fixes.

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