Site Update Ready

I reviewed about 25% of the site’s content and I’m comfortable that the majority of WoN will successfully transition.  As a result, I’m going to bite the bullet and just get the site update rolled over today.  I’ll be doing a full review of the content of this site and ensure everything still works.  If you are linking to this site from another source, I’ll do my best to capture and apply and redirects I can spot.

The biggest and most painful component of this update is going to be EDIBLE.  Even after the journal is operational, EDIBLE will take me some time.  The main issue is I am decoupling the repository from the journal with the intention of allowing some future development opportunities.  As a result, I expect the library to be offline for at least a day, maybe even a couple of weeks.  If you want to download anything from the library in that timeframe (including mapscripts), I recommend you grab them soon.

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