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Empire Nation – Map of Adomaxia

The original World of Adomaxia, as drawn by NadrojDraneb in 2019. The EDCE map is a recreation of this world.

Adomaxia is the setting of the upcoming 2022 Empire Deluxe Tournament and is available on EDIBLE or using the link at the bottom of this post. If you are not comfortable downloading from this domain, the map will also be posted to the in-game map repository just prior to the start of the tournament. The delay in posting in-game is due to the lack of version control, which means we can only post the map once. In case there are any bugs or if players feel as though there is an imbalance in starting locations, this allows us to make quick revisions prior to the start of the actual tournament without cluttering the game developer’s repository with updated map versions. Moreover, this gives players time to plan ahead with any strategies they may be attempting.

This map traces its origins to the art created by created by NadrojDranreb and posted to Wondercraft in 2019.  Per the original author, it is inspired by cultures from Canada, Scandinavia, and Baltic geographies.  The map features 24 countries that take place in the northern hemisphere of the world originally created for Leonia. As you adventure across the various nations and cities, you’ll notice the changes in local culture. This adds a bit of role playing back into the tournament, which is something that was discussed during the November meeting

Some creative liberties were taken in order to make the map competition ready in Empire Deluxe, including expansion of the various regions and the inclusion of resources in key terrain spots from the map.  The map features a single large continent separated by a dense swampland with sparse northern island covered in snow.  There are also two archipelagos which are quite lucrative if you can capture them.  In play tests, most combat takes place across the vertical axis, but the map has full wrapping enabled.

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