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Island of Harn Map

The Island of Harn is a rough, hazy, forested isle roughly 100 miles off the northwest coast of the continent of Lythia, on the edge of the Haonic Ocean. Compared to other regions of northwest Lythia, Harn is a wild, barbaric land, where pockets of civilization are surrounded by large tracts of wilderness.

Harn’s center is dominated by Lake Benath, a freshwater lake drained by the Thard River. The longest river is the Kald (375 miles), which drains the eastern interior. Much of Harn is hilly. There are four mountain ranges of note: the Felshas, running north-south in central Harn and boasting the island’s highest peaks; the Rayeshas, running east-west along the top of Lake Benath; the Sorkins, running north south along the east coast; and the Jahls in the far north.

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Future Units Graphic Set Uploaded

I put the finishing touches on the Future Units Graphic Set today.  You can download it on EDIBLE.  This set is a replacement for the default unit graphics and does not include any new units.  The graphics focus on futuristic, science fiction versions of each unit type to give a unique touch to your Empire Deluxe gaming experience. Ships that hover over the water, bombers carrying particle weapons, and large Mechs roaming the landscape are just some of the changes in this set.

This set marks a move away from posting large, all inclusive sets like MUD, or even its earlier version, and instead focuses on graphic enhancements to the default units.  However, since all of the graphics follow the same EDUT template, you can easily mix and match them to make your own unique sets since they are using the same template and drawing methods.

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Empire Deluxe Tournament Strategy Guide Posted

With our end of year tournament just a month away, the first draft of the re-written tournament rules has been posted to the website.  There is still more to come with this guide, and it still needs proof reading, but it includes 90% of the rule changes needed to move from classic Empire Deluxe to the new streaming Combined Edition tournament for 2020.

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Reviewing Falklands AI

I am reviewing the Falklands AI for performance issues after a user reported it no longer works properly after the new release.  I don’t know if an update will be coming in the future, given the amount of trouble it gave me last time.  If I can make any significant performance improvements with the new changes, I will.  Otherwise I will simply post and update and move on.

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Detailed StandardAI Review – October 2020

Back in July, while testing functionality for Random Earth Map (REM), I noticed some peculiar behavior with the AI and decided to take some notes for a future fix.  Shortly thereafter, I got bogged down in personal stuff and never picked it back up.  With the upcoming patch making some tweaks to the AI, I opened my July analysis and decided it might be worthwhile sharing in case it results in improvements to the AI.

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AI Script – Modern Units AI v0.0.1a

Today I have uploaded the first pass at an AI for MUD.  This is posted to EDIBLE in the usual spot.  Note that, like MUD, this is an alpha upload as the set is not yet fully functional so lots of future changes are expected.  It’s also worth noting that the AI is capable of using MUD without this AI script which is why it is packaged separately.

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MUD Update 0.0.3 and Movement Sound Pack

The Movement Sound Pack is a collection of movement sounds for EDCE.  The pack includes 68 sounds recorded from several military and civilian vehicles averaging between 5 to 10 seconds per clip.  There are trucks, tanks, helicopters, bombers, fighters, watercraft, submersed pings, and electronic noises.  The sounds can be mixed and matched to produce a more unique EDCE experience but were specifically tailored to MUD which will also have a parallel update added to EDIBLE.

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