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Modern Units Update – Version 3.0.0

Version 3.0.0 of MUGS is uploaded to EDIBLE.  This update concludes the planned updates as it now fully replaces every unit type in the default EDCE unit set.  The total stands at exactly 1,020 tiles supporting 316 unit entries (320 if you include generals, improvements, and cities which are handled separately).  This update specifically covers the various space units, missiles, and structures intended to support the previous graphic updates.

For those who played the board game version of World of Nations, you will recognize many of the units and art I used in this set.  If you are one of these people, know that I decided to eliminate three staples from that version – Arsenals, Magazines, and Barracks.  The reason for this is in EDCE game mechanics, these are lumped into the functionality of cities, and most of these structures exist in cities in real-life so I had to cut them out.  Also gone are the Universal Base, Sub Pens, Canals, Helipads, and Border Posts as I couldn’t think of how to differentiate them from similar counterparts through the EDCE mechanics.

Like always, here is the link to the previous update, and below are the additions specific to this update:

  • Conventional Missiles.  Represents specialized missiles that are one time use, but provide superior offense compared to conventional counterparts.
  • Tactical Missiles. Heavy missiles meant to be used in a tactical theater rather than the strategic one.
  • Cruise Missiles.  These generic ground attack missiles are slower but more potent.  They come in short range and long range varieties.
  • Ballistic Missiles.  Standard ballistic missiles armed with conventional warheads.  These are the template for more disturbing options below.
  • Nuclear Missiles.  Mounting a nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile.  A cheap non-thermonuclear option is also in this category.
  • Biochemical Missiles.  Sometimes known as the poor man’s nuke.  Cheaper than nukes, but not as potent.  They can still cause global outrage.
  • Recon Satellites. These are your standard recon options for space.  These are of the military flavor, not civilian.
  • Space Ships.  If you have the cash, you can construct and move units through space, rather than be limited the land, sea, and air.
  • Military Satellites.  Satellites that are armed with the intent of attacking other space objects.
  • Experimental Satellites.  These are two real-world satellite types that have questionable military application.
  • Civilian Satellites.  You can deploy and commandeer satellites deployed for civilian use.  Cheaper options, but have no defense.
  • Fortifications.  These small military bases are quick to construct but light on defenses.  Used for circumstantial needs.
  • Ground Base. Large bases that can support the widest variety of unit types.
  • Air Base.  Bases specifically designed to hold air units.
  • Naval Base. Bases specifically designed to hold naval units and their support aircraft.
  • Entrenchments. These special fortifications allow for defensive bonuses for a unit in the area.
  • Special Purpose Base.  This category covers bases that serve a specific purpose for game mechanics.

So there you have it, the final update for this set.  I will make occasional modifications as I find bugs (yes I saw a few) but I doubt I’ll be adding a bunch of new stuff here.  This set was an ambitious project I started back in April and it took me 6 month’s to reach this point.  Going forward I will be making smaller updates, and the majority of time being spent on turning this into a proper udb.

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