Late January Update

This blog has been quiet because I’ve kept my head down working through some additional EDCE updates. I am continuing to work on sprites and have finally advanced into transparent png’s.  There were multiple lessons learned from this experience which have caused be to slow down and attempt to understand the nuances of the Unity Engine and how it renders the tile maps.  If/when I’ve reached a conclusion on this, I’ll start posting some lessons learned.

Second to this, I’ve been quietly advancing the random map generator.  On Tuesday, I hit a breakthrough as I actually imported my first functional map and it worked.  An in-game screenshot of that generated map is attached to this post for your perusal.  I started this project because I just wasn’t happy with how the default map generator’s worked, mainly the forced choice between blocky continents or overwhelming islands.  My version exposes parameters to map making that will allow a user to tailor the map making to their personal preferences at a more minute scale.

As a side note, I’ve taken an interest in board gaming again.  This will be occupying a bit of my time on the side for a while so progress reports might be limited.

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