March Update

Not 20 days ago I had a completely different update in mind for March.  I was going to post on Friday the 13th, the first back to back updates on unique days in one year.  I had plans to do some new modding while also exploring some creative ideas I had.  This week, the world seems to have been turned upside down. The WHO pandemic announcement followed by the CDC acknowledgment were the first pieces to a domino effect that seems unstoppable.

Unfortunately, I don’t know where this leaves me other than I have been recalled into lock down.  This is the first time in recent memory where this hasn’t been voluntary.  It also means the updates going forward will be uncertain.

This is new territory for me, but something we have prepared for decades now.  I expect to still be around but my work will have to come first for the foreseeable future.  I won’t be allowed to give any specifics on my physical situation, but I can tell you this went from hypothetical to reality a lot faster than anyone anticipated and there is still a lot to be figured out.  If and when I am able to post more, I will, but my priorities are going to be on real life for a while.  If and when things start to calm down and our exact situation is clear, I’ll be jumping back into this as soon as I can.

In  years past, these lock downs, always over the financial close in December, led to some fun Empire tournaments.  Don’t expect any for this one.  None of us are in the mood.  I spent a quiet car ride with my colleagues after we learned the gravity of the situation.  This feels a lot more “real” than in the past.  So we are going to treat it as such.

For those who know me personally, tomorrow will be my final day before my on-call starts.  Hopefully I’ll get to see a few of you in person, but if not just remember its been a fun 2020 ride so far and I’ll see you on the other side.

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