October 2019 Update

I don’t want to go an entire month without making a single post so here is a quick update. Due to some renovations and an uptick in recent business travel, free time has been limited. This week marks the end of the renovations which have prevented me from accessing my main work station. With the holidays approaching soon, the work travel is expected to lessen within the next two weeks as well.

I have made some progress on the new UDB but it is not ready yet for a release. One key addition is that I will be basing the portage costs on average weight of vehicles and weapons. This is turning out to be difficult since there is no way to limit the number of unit types. In other words, right now a cargo ship can carry more helicopters than a fleet carrier.

Lastly, I took a look at the old WoN campaigns and noticed some recent browser updates have been kind. There are some noticeable performance improvements. I will be applying some new upgrades to the website in the next few weeks, so lets see if I can also find some time to update the game as well.

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