EDIBLE Site Layout Updated

I am finally updating the layout of EDIBLE.  The library has been in its current format for for several years and the layout has been the number one complaint about this site ever since I updated it.  As a result, I plan to completely separate the Journal website from EDIBLE and allow them to work independently.  Everything should continue to be available on this website, but behind the scenes things will be different.

This change will streamline some  future updates I plan to post for EDCE, mainly the map scripts.  But make no mistake about it, the sole reason for this update is to answer the feedback I’ve been getting for over a year about the layout on the EDCE page.  I added the collapsible headers as a way to control the mass amount of content from creating an endless scrollbar.  No one seems to like it though, not even me.  I plan to keep the sortable tables though as there is some value in that.  If people struggle to find what they are looking for, I’ll remove that too and go back to the long data table it used to be back in 2016.

With this change comes a new method of maintaining map scripts.  I actually separated the map scripts from this site a year ago.  This was intended to integrate the map scripts  directly into EDCE via API but this never materialized.  However, the scripts as they work today require a journal post to work properly, meaning this site cannot be decoupled from EDIBLE.  I want to remove this dependency as I plan to eventually retire this infrastructure and move the journal to a new platform while keeping map scripts where they are.

Those changes are all long-term though.  I plan to retain the old page format for archival reasons, and to make sure old links continue to work, but all future updates will use the new multi-page layout. I hope the changes aren’t too much to handle for those of you who finally got comfortable with the current format.  Ideally, everyone finds this as an improvement to EDIBLE and makes downloading mods/files easier.  I am curious to your feedback if you have any.

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