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Empire Deluxe Tournament 2020 – Finale

The 2020-21 Empire Deluxe Tournament Championship is in the books and our winner is Keiren.  After strong performances in our first two games, he was unanimously declared the tournament victor and received the highest total points scored by a considerable margin.  This is his second win in a row as he successfully defended his title as Empire Deluxe Champion and will carry that title throughout all of 2021 until we have the chance to claim it from him once more.  Congratulations!

Keiren won the 2019 Tournament Championship after a strong performance on the Battle of The Meer Sea.  As is tradition, the winner adopts the nickname he used when playing his successful victory.  Niefsa will be known as Keiren going forward in honor of his victory.    With this year’s title, Keiren now holds the unique honor of owning the top championship titles in both legacy Empire Deluxe and EDCE.  He is the only player in our tournament’s history to hold two titles simultaneously.

I also want to thank our three other participants.  Dalian, Mara, and Holak played a good game, especially considering this is their first year with EDCE.  Dalian received an honorable mention for the stunning defensive strategy in Game Two.  That strategy will go into the official strategy guide and is considered the ECDE version of WyvernsBane’s famous gold standard, Flight of the Valkaries, from the previous decade.

I am looking forward to a repeat in 12 months.

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