Reviewing Falklands AI

I am reviewing the Falklands AI for performance issues after a user reported it no longer works properly after the new release.  I don’t know if an update will be coming in the future, given the amount of trouble it gave me last time.  If I can make any significant performance improvements with the new changes, I will.  Otherwise I will simply post and update and move on.

Ugh.  Frankly, I considered pulling this script off the website when someone messaged me yesterday saying there was a problem with it.  After all the trouble it gave me two years back I do not want to dig into it, while on the other hand I’m curious to know if the changes will have any positive effects.

The problem with the Falklands Map has less to do with the AI and more to do with its viability as a workable scenario.  I found that the v18 release fixed one of the key issues with this map, the fog of war.  However, I tested the AI again with these new features and found that it performs worse when I turn it on than how I had configured the map a year ago with limited fog of war.  I will need to dig into this, but based on what I see so far I think a map update is more likely than an AI update.

With regards to the AI, I checked it and Falklands AI isn’t performing worse, the StandardAI is just performing slightly better.  I looked into this and it appears one big change is the AI will now improve the efficiency of its cities.  It appears to be a new development since it only happens when the old Fog of War is applied and on the new script.  At first glance it looks like a typo is causing this to work better, which is curious.

Anyway, for the time being I recommend anyone playing the Falklands Map go back to using the standard AI and, if you have it, the script from the 2018 build.  I still don’t have any advice on how to make Britain actually win this scenario with any level of competency.  Sorry.

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