Fully Operational (Except EDIBLE)

After a full week of updates, the main Worlds of Nations site is back up and running. Around 95% of the content is restored and the simulator is working as well.  I may have missed a few links or images and will continue to make updates as I find them.

Unfortunately, some of the stuff that was tacked on to the WoN website over the years is still offline and may be for the next few weeks.  That’s because the main reason for this update was to get these sub-sites in a stand alone state for some future updates.  In other words, the downtime is necessary for the greater long-term good.  I have backups for everything, and the content is all there.  It’s just a matter of linking it all back up which is going to require some time.

Anyway, that is it for today.  I’ll be posting more updates as I get them.

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