MUD Random Map Generator Version 0.0.4 Uploaded

I have uploaded the newest version of the MUD Random Map Generator on EDIBLE.  You can view it here.  The changes are almost all behind the scenes with the biggest change being I have integrated the MUD Random Map Generator into the new MapScript API.  This update will automatically generate the map file for you instead of relying on the previous manual process.  It also allows integration within the EDCE interface with just a basic understanding of how to compile the in-game scripts.

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Stepping Back Into the Light

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve connected to the outside world.  The initial panic and urgency as the world shut down has subsided.  In its place is an acceptance of what a steady state looks like for the foreseeable future.  With it will return a resemblance of normalcy to my own life as it becomes clear what the next few months will looks like for me.

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March Update

Not 20 days ago I had a completely different update in mind for March.  I was going to post on Friday the 13th, the first back to back updates on unique days in one year.  I had plans to do some new modding while also exploring some creative ideas I had.  This week, the world seems to have been turned upside down. The WHO pandemic announcement followed by the CDC acknowledgment were the first pieces to a domino effect that seems unstoppable.

Unfortunately, I don’t know where this leaves me other than I have been recalled into lock down.  This is the first time in recent memory where this hasn’t been voluntary.  It also means the updates going forward will be uncertain.

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Random Earth Map Version 0.2.0 Uploaded

I have completed an upgrade to the Random Map Generator.  It’s available on EDIBLE or with the original REM link here. This change replaces the previous version since the output has not changed and the maps are backward compatible.  The main change was meant to improve the performance of the map generation process which was causing some browsers to freeze.  This update should provide a much improved experience.

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Map Script – Random Earth Map Generator

This is the Random Earth Map (REM) Generator. This will randomly generate a map of Earth using data collected from NASA, USGS, and the United Nations. Each map contains approximately 100 randomly selected cities from the World GDP report with values greater than $1Bn. It also draws supplies from the world’s strategic reserves. All locations are drawn using their official GPS locations. Manual tweaks to locations were applied where overlaps occurred.

The generator is meant to work with the Modern Units Database (MUD) available on EDIBLE but you can use the options below to adjust it to support the default unit sets as well.

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Earth Map Script It Alive!

I completed the first full test run of the Earth Map generator.  You may remember the beginning stages of this back in 2018 before shelving it for another project.  Well, today I finished it off and successfully loaded the first full Earth map into EDCE with success.  The screenshot attached to this post if the overview map from in-game, which I’ll also be uploading to the Steam Community shortly as well.

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February Update – A Depressing Rant

All last week, and especially this weekend I performed an end to end play testing of MUD.  The results were “less than desirable” to put it mildly.  Put more correctly, they were downright depressing and made me question the effort I put into my free time over the past month.

Be warned, the rest of this update is basically one long rant on the state of things.  If you aren’t ready to be disappointed, or are still coming off a Super Bowl high, you may not want to read the rest of this

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Blue Marble Terrain (BMT) Uploaded

Starting in 2001 NASA began releasing public, detailed imagery allowing modelers to recreate the Earth in high resolution.  The project was dubbed Blue Marble in reference to Earth’s appearance from space.  This set represents an attempt to bring that imagery to Empire Deluxe through a full enhancement of the original terrain graphics.  It is available for download on EDIBLE or at the bottom of this post.

This set modifies fourteen of the original terrain files and replaces them with real satellite imagery taken from the MODIS and VIIRS imaging satellites orbiting at 750km to 850km above the earth.  A painstaking amount of effort was made to keep the images as close to their unaltered form with as few modifications as possible.

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